How can I use Impasto Art?
With Impasto Art you can change the big black screen of your TV into a digital painting. Select what kind of art you want to show and create a different mood in your living room, kitchen or dining room. Entertain guests while images of paintings of Van Gogh, Vermeer, Cézanne or Renoir enhance the room.
How can I stream art to my TV?
There are two ways to use Impasto Art: you can stream art to an Apple TV or to Chromecast from the Impasto Art iPhone app. Simply download the app in the App Store, start it and mirror the screen to your Apple TV or cast it with the Chromecast button. Impasto Art aims to make the app available on Android devices later in 2020.
Is Impasto Art available for Android devices?
At the moment Impasto Art is only available for iPhone. Subscribe to our newsletter and we will let you know as soon as the app is available for Android devices.
In which countries is the Impasto Art available?
Impasto Art is worldwide available via iPhone + Apple TV.
What are the costs of the Impasto Art?
The app is completely free. In due time we might some non intrusive adds to cover the server costs.
Which paintings will I able to see?
At this moment you will be able to see paintings and art from the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and the J. Paul Getty Museum. Impasto will add art from more collections in the coming year.
I would like to see art from contemporary artists. Is this possible?
Currently Impasto Art only has art in its catalogue that is out of copyright, meaning the artist has passed away more than 70 years ago.
Can I use Impasto at work?
Yes you can. Impasto does not distinguish between individuals and companies. Impasto can be used in offices to enhance the office space. Public buildings like restaurants and hospitals can use Impasto to make visitors to feel more welcome. City halls, train stations, airports and libraries can use Impasto to show art from local artists. And finally schools can use Impasto as an educational tool.
Can I download art images from the Impasto app?
No. Impasto only streams art to your device. We do not have the rights to let you download and store art on a hard drive.
What are the extra costs to keep my TV on to show art instead of turning it off when I am not watching TV?
Modern flat screen TV’s do not use much power. Depending on the energy label and size of your TV, the extra costs of using the Impasto Art on a LED TV might range for example anywhere between 4 and 35 euros a year.
Can I use Impasto Art with my Apple TV?
Yes, you can. Just download the app to your iPhone, and use screen mirroring to view the artworks on your TV.